We received a lot of feedback to our Facebook post about a new book for children with loved ones(s) in the Military. The original post (below) was an afterthought to the reaction to an emotional video we shared in August (Grab a tissue at 1:46).

“What do you think about a personalized story for children with a Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, cousin, etc. in the Military? The story could promote the Honor and Bravery carried out by their loved one?”

This is a great idea on many levels. The storyline would be unique and the emotional connection is very relevant to military families worldwide.  It would be a great book used as an educational gift, and as a cherished keepsake that will never be forgotten. Plus the book could be used as a fundraiser for a variety of charities who help military families in need.

Create-A-Book is also looking to test a new creative process.  Our dealer network consists of of educators, writers, and people who are passionate about children and literacy; many of which whom also have loved one(s) currently stationed overseas.  Do you think it’s possible for the network as a whole to work together to produce ideas, to edit and fine-tune the right storyline, to vote on the illustrations, and then have a finished book that we built as a team? This approach would turn a buzz-worthy product, into a buzz-worthy product with an interesting tale on how it came to be.

We believe this method could produce a final product far better than any single individual could produce. For example, even the title to this blog post came from Denize Solomon, a dealer in the Cayman Islands, who’s already emailed a few ideas for the story after reading the Facebook post.

Please let us know your thoughts by adding a comment below.

- Do you think the book is a good idea?
- Would you contribute (or help Edit) ideas for storyline, topics, or illustrations?


14 Responses to ““A Hero’s Welcome” (New Book concept)”

  1. Fred Miller says:

    I think its a great idea, it should cover all countries also (USA, Canada, etc)

    • admin says:

      Hi Fred, we agree it should cover all countries, though I do think coming up with a good story to fit that will be a challenge. This is why we’re tapping into the dealer network to see what happens :)

      Have you thought of any ideas?

  2. Maureen Domery says:

    This idea makes me so happy. We are a Navy family stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I think this would be really popular here. Thank you for working on this project, I am so looking forward to the final book.

    • Dave Hefty says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Thanks for your comment. We think this could be a very popular story on bases, and for this project to keep moving forward we could use your help.

      What are some of the points you’d like to see the story include for the children?

      You can email them to

  3. I like the idea, many kids struggle with parents in the service. If you need an Illustrator I would love to draw for something that might really help children and would be helpful to persons in uniform.

    • Dave Hefty says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      The only way this project will keep moving forward right now is if we come together as a team and work together.

      Create-A-Book has their hands full with music, new product lines, and the dinosaur revisions, so it will be spring if we have to wait for CAB to focus their resources with this project.

      I believe in this project, so I asked my father if we could launch this book if I brought him a finished product (illustrations and story).

      So to answer your question, if you’d like join the cause we’d love your help!


  4. Good idea, but it seems like it would be hard to market. I would like to see some new titles or new illusustrations on some of the older books

    • Dave Hefty says:

      Hi Sue,

      Great question with a two part answer.

      Answer Part One:

      I believe part of the magic in Create-A-Book is the feelings dealers have for it. I’ve helped hundreds of dealers with CAB websites over the last two years, and all of them talk about Create-A-Book with pride and respect. You trust in them because they always do the right thing.

      Create-A-Book has always chosen meaningful products over licensed characters, which is why our products become cherished keepsakes. The stories have value and represent a meaningful time in the child’s life. I believe children will never forget this period in their lives, and I do believe this book could help them. This is why I believe this book is the perfect addition.

      The reason my “why” is important is because I’m personally handling this challenge. Create-A-Book has already committed it’s resources to other new products. However, they will produce the book if we can complete it. Technology has made this type of collaboration possible, so it’s in our hands.

      Answer Part Two:

      It’s true this is a smaller niche market, though large enough that I believe every dealer could sell 100-200 a year.

      There’s the possibility the product could attract media attention, which would give you something interesting to share with your existing customers.

      Plus we’d be opening the doors to new possibilities with this collaborative approach. If it works, it could be the first of many products created this way.

      And finally, this is one of those projects I’d feel good about, and think that feeling would be mutual for anyone who helped.

      It’s a lengthy answer, but I hope it helps :)


  5. Julie McLeod says:

    I absolutely would help!! The sooner this project gets started, the sooner it can get into the hands of the families who will appreciate it most!

    • Dave Hefty says:

      Hi Julie,

      Our first goal is developing a storyline, so we’re looking for suggestions about which topics (points) the book should cover.

      Since we need the storyline to be country neutral, I think it will be much easier to do this if we first looked at all the possible qualities, characters, actions, etc. that could qualify.

      I’m open to any and all suggestions, so please ost your thoughts below.

      If you have storyline ideas, you can email them to

  6. I love the idea and would love to help out anyway I could. I live very near to Ft. Bragg and we have 3 other military bases here in the state. I think it would be popular here.

    • Dave Hefty says:

      Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for your feedback, and we’d love you help. Please read the message I posted for Julie above and let me know if I can help in any way.


  7. I think “A Hero’s Welcome” is a great concept. I think it could focus on a child missing their loved one while away on service however, meeting other children just like them, different, but just like them. It could promote the acceptance of children with different cultural backgrounds, different religious backgrounds, different but ultimately all the same feelings of missing someone but being together in support of one another. no matter what color, relligion, or backgrounds they have.

  8. Margo says:

    I would like to be a part of getting the book out. That will be a good idea.