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You can noticeably impact your sales by offering the full product line from Create-A-Book, and you can achieve this regardless of your inventory on hand. A common misconception for dealers is to think they’re limited to offer and sell what they have in stock. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, or more harmful to your profits!

We know many of you have questions surrounding the drop shipping program, and how to use it, and we want to answer them. If you still have questions after reading this, please post a comment.


Need your testimonies (New Feature)
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Help WantedOn the new Create-A-Book websites, when a customer clicks on a product to open and view that product they will see product testimonies snuggled next to the product images.

It looks cool and will impact sales, but we don’t have a collection of product testimonies for each product. We want to launch this feature next month when we launch the new websites.

Can you please take a few minutes and send us as many testimonies as you can? They can be from your customers, or even easier, from you. You represent our products, so your opinions are relevant to customers :)

You can post them as a comment below..

- or send through email to

The power of Testimonials
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Do you currently include testimonials in your marketing? On your website, in your newsletters and emails, or printed material? This simple third party validation gives potential customers the chance to first see others are buying, and second that they are enjoying your advertised product/service.

Not all testimonials are created equal, so it’s important to follow the 3 traits of strong testimonials to make sure your testimonials don’t hurt you.

There are many techniques to collecting testimonials. We found a great article on How To Collect Testimonials that covers using your Inbox, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google Alerts, and how to ask for them.



We received a lot of feedback to our Facebook post about a new book for children with loved ones(s) in the Military. The original post (below) was an afterthought to the reaction to an emotional video we shared in August (Grab a tissue at 1:46).

“What do you think about a personalized story for children with a Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, cousin, etc. in the Military? The story could promote the Honor and Bravery carried out by their loved one?”

This is a great idea on many levels. The storyline would be unique and the emotional connection is very relevant to military families worldwide.  It would be a great book used as an educational gift, and as a cherished keepsake that will never be forgotten. Plus the book could be used as a fundraiser for a variety of charities who help military families in need.

Create-A-Book is also looking to test a new creative process.  Our dealer network consists of of educators, writers, and people who are passionate about children and literacy; many of which whom also have loved one(s) currently stationed overseas.  Do you think it’s possible for the network as a whole to work together to produce ideas, to edit and fine-tune the right storyline, to vote on the illustrations, and then have a finished book that we built as a team? This approach would turn a buzz-worthy product, into a buzz-worthy product with an interesting tale on how it came to be.

We believe this method could produce a final product far better than any single individual could produce. For example, even the title to this blog post came from Denize Solomon, a dealer in the Cayman Islands, who’s already emailed a few ideas for the story after reading the Facebook post.

Please let us know your thoughts by adding a comment below.

- Do you think the book is a good idea?
- Would you contribute (or help Edit) ideas for storyline, topics, or illustrations?

Singing Plush Animals?
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Plush Animals from Create-A-Book

Create-A-Book is currently working on a new twist to the Singing Plush Animal that will be like no other. We’re looking at several suppliers, all with quality as good or better than the current Plush Animals on the market.

Many dealers currently offering plush animals have complained their current suppliers were either too expensive or non-dependable.

We’re trying to find out if we could help temporarily by stocking the Plush Animals to give you a lower price and dependable supply.

Please email and let us know…

1. Which of the animals you would order
2. Quantity you expect to order for each, from now till January
3. The current price you pay for the same animal (at what quantity)

  • Teddy Bear
  • Bunny
  • Cow
  • Puppy
  • Lion
  • Giraffe
  • Lamb
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Frog

* NOTE: This would not include music modules. This applies to dealers currently offering music, that had modules, and needed the plush animals and the stuffing.


(The following post is from SaviSites…)

Celebrating 2 years with Savi2

At the beginning of 2010 we realized we’d outgrown the current BakeSale framework that runs your online stores. BakeSale is an open-source framework that enabled us to build a great solution, but it doesn’t have the flexibility we need for all the new features we have planned. So this Spring, we began writing code for Savi2.0, a custom solution we’re building from the ground up. This means we’re throwing away the current code, rebuilding your current features, and adding many more.

We’ll post a complete list of the new features towards the end of September. For now, we’re giving a sneak peak of whats to come….

A Sneak Peak at new features with Savi2:


  • New Home Page layouts (product/category focused)
  • Ability to add/manage banner graphics (sales/promotions)
  • New templates, storefront designs
  • Flexible Templates (logo sizes, headers, footers, etc…)
  • Customizable template background images, patterns, colors.
  • New streamlined admin to manage your sites
  • Ability to order custom or premium template designs


  • Ability for storefront to show products as horizontal rows
  • Ability for customers to choose how they view products (sizes, sort)
  • New “Customers Who Ordered ‘x’ also enjoyed…” suggestions
  • New “Add to Wish List” and ability to manage wish lists
  • Customizable product thumbnail sizes


How A 13 Year Old Gained 16,000 Fans In 96 Hours
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This is a heartwarming and educational story from the fine folks from All Facebook. Gaining 16,000 fans is a magnificent accomplishment, but doing it in 96 hours is mind blowing.

A 13 yr old boy with no programming experience was able to do both, and this article goes into great depth explaining why this page, and it’s posts, are so effective and engaging.

Click the link below to learn how

How a 13 year old gained 16,000 fans in 96 hours

3 Back-to-School marketing banners
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We created these banners for you to use in your Back-To-School marketing.  Place them into your your emails, website, or print material.  Visit your dealer back-office to see ALL the Back-To-School banners and more.

How to market “Back To School”
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What is it about the Fall Season the fills the air with excitement? Is it the changing of the leaves, the family Holidays, or maybe the anticipation of Christmas? One thing is for sure; it’s the season when many of you will achieve your highest grossing sales for the year. To help out we’ve created a quick summary to get you through it successfully.


How To Make Time…
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There was an interesting question posted to the discussion board on our Facebook page that set the stage for what we hope to be an educational journey for both Create-A-Book, and you.

We’re all faced with a daily challenge to do what we can within a 24 hour day. For you the challenges may be finding time to build your business while juggling a full-time job, raising a family, or both. For us, the challenge is overseeing a multitude of tasks to improve the Create-A-Book opportunity, and doing our best to prioritize them based on the outcomes they’ll bring you. And that’s just the planned ones, as  you can’t predict what life will throw your way.


One of our tasks is growing the Create-A-Book brand, using Social Marketing, to generate new business and to create an active online community of dealers who share ideas and work together. In January we created a 12-month blueprint, and listed the steps to make this happen. Before we could begin, we also started two more projects that will improve the profitability for our dealers, and the decision was made to postpone the social marketing. Sound like a familiar ‘postponement’ process?