Frequently Asked Question





  • How do I become a member?
    By downloading our software and making an online wholesale purchase. This can be done online in minutes.

  • Do I need business experience?
    No. We have an amazing training center that can teach you how to do our most profitable programs, and we take great pride in our highly rated customer support. If you’re coachable and call when you have questions, you can do this.

  • What equipment do I need?
    Personal computer, printer, and heavy-duty stapler or steel channel bindere. We provide the rest. You do NOT need a color printer. We recommend laser printers over inkjet but both can be used to make our personalized books.

  • Do I receive training?
    Between our extensive training center and dealer support, we’ve got you covered. We give our dealers 100% of the retail market, so our success is dependant on yours. We do this so you don’t have to compete with us, but this puts the pressure on us to ensure you have the very best training and tools. If you’d like to preview our web-based training center, before becoming a dealer, call (800) 513-7445 Ext 2.

  • What are the costs?
    You’re only ongoing costs are the materials you order. The wholesale cost of parts to make a book is $4.55.

  • Are the books hard to make?
    Not at all. The assembly process is simple and only takes 5-7 minutes. Plus we have a training video showing the process step by step.

  • How are the books bound?
    The pages, along with two adhesive pages on the front and back, are bound with a heavy-duty stapler or steel channel binder. The adhesive pages bind the cover to the pages.

  • How quickly will I be able to start making books?
    Some dealers start taking orders immediately after signing up. You can start making the books as soon as your shipment arrives, which is 3-5 days within the U.S.

  • How do I sell/market your products; are there restrictions?

    Your options are endless. We have an amazing training center that walks you through all of our profitable programs, and it’s packed with hundreds of ideas and tips from dealers over the years. Whether you’re doing this part time or full time, you’ll always find new ideas to try in our training center. If you’d like to preview our training center before becoming a dealer, you can call us and setup a preview (702) 630-2764.

    Keep in mind these books sell themselves. You just have to show them. When customers hold our books, it becomes an easy impulse decision. It’s rare to find a gift for $17 that will be immediately cherished and never thrown away.

    We don’t have marketing restrictions because we own most of our characters and stories. You have creative freedom so don’t forget to share your great ideas so we can add them to our training center!

  • Does Create-A-Book provide marketing materials?
    Yes. We focus heavily on banners and graphics for your website, email marketing, and Facebook. We also have a catalog of marketing products available like physical banners, cases, stands, etc.

  • Will I get a website to take online orders?
    We don’t offer dealer websites directly, but we have a great relationship with an eCommerce provider that can build you a turnkey website within 24 hours. Your site will be fully stocked with our full catalog, including digital music and all of our marketing content. The navigation, categories, related products, and even the shipping methods are all preset, though you’ll have full control, so you can change anything you want..

  • Can I sell other products alongside yours?

  • Can I set my own retail prices?

  • Do I have to pay royalties?

  • Are there drop ship options?
    Yes, our drop shippers can make and ship a book to you or your customer directly within 1-2 business days. Learn more about our drop shipping program.

  • Can I sell items I don’t have in stock?
    Yes, using one of our drop shippers. Most dealers initially stock 5-10 titles and use drop shippers for the rest and gradually expand their inventory using profits.

  • How do I order supplies?
    Once you’re a dealer, you’ll be able to order online or over the phone.

  • Are there minimum orders or quotas?

  • When I place an order, how quickly will it arrive?
    3-5 days within the continental USA.


  • Is the market saturated for this product?
    Not even close. There are 4 million children born each year in the USA alone. If you multiply that times 8, the age that we market books to, you have a potential of 32 million books that could be sold. We’ve hit about 2 million of them over 30 years, so as you can see, there are millions left each year that have never seen one of our books. Most schools in the USA have not yet been approached for a school assembly program with Give-A-Book, and most businesses have not had the opportunity to do a personalized book as a premium. Let your friends and family know that you have your own business and website, and let them beat a path to your door.

  • Do you accept dealers outside the USA?
    Yes, we accept dealers worldwide.

  • Can I edit the text for geographical language differences?
    Yes, and you can also tell us which changes should be permanent for your location, and we can save a modified version in the software.

  • Can I purchase an exclusive license for my country or region?
    In most cases, we do not sell exclusive licenses; however, we understand there are circumstances internationally where this is necessary. Call for details.


  • Is your software easy to use?
    Extremely. It’s a relatively simple program. You choose the title, and it lists the personalized fields for that title. You type the customer’s information in the fields and hit print.

  • Can I use your software to create and print my own books?
    No, our software only allows our dealers to personalize our books. It does not have the functionality to create and publish your own books.

  • Do I need an Internet connection to make the books?
    No, once you download and install our software it resides on your computer.

  • Can I install your software on multiple computers?

  • Will it run on a MAC?
    Our software is build for Windows (all versions going back to Windows XP), but there are programs that allow you to install Windows on your MAC. We’ve had dealers do this and then use our software on their MAC.


  • Do you only offer personalized books?
    We also offer personalized personalized birth charts, and personalized letters from Santa and the Easter Bunny. We also come out with short run items every now and then.

  • How many books do you offer?
    We have almost 40 unique main stories; however, many books have more than 1 version.

  • Are they hardcover books?
    Yes, they are beautiful glossy hardcovers you can wipe clean.

  • Are the books durable?
    Unquestionably. We know these are keepsakes to be kept forever, so we make them durable. We always hear from customers who’ve had our books for 10, 20, 30+ years, and they’re still in great shape.

  • What are the size and weight of your books?
    8.25 x 7 inches; 12 ounces.

  • Do you offer books with photos?
    We have photo sticker inserts for the inner covers, but our software does not have the ability to print the child’s picture. Some dealers print their customer’s photos into the Wedding, Anniversary and Newborn books, but this is not done through our software. Our main reason for staying away from the photo books is that they would take the production away from the dealers, which would lower your profit margin for those titles.

  • Do you have any licensed characters?
    Not currently. We have in the past, but our dealers were not happy with the rigid marketing restrictions, higher wholesale costs, and having to discard all printed materials every time a licensed character changed. It’s possible we’ll bring them back in the future, though it’s not a current priority.
  • When you add new books, are there additional fees?
    No. We never charge for software updates.

  • Can I add a promotional page in the book or modify the story?
    Yes. Many dealers add a colorful page in the front or back of the book that includes their logo, other products, contact information, or a coupon code, etc.