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Frequently Asked Question
  • Is this business expensive?
    No. We believe that for about the price of one college course, you can purchase the license to print your own personalized Create-A-Book books with no minimums and no renewals in the years to come. One call does it all. We want you to be successful.

  • Are books hard to make?
    No. We have a training video showing the process step by step. Our patented binding machine binds the book with one or two pulls on the handle. Older children in the family can also join in the fun and help with making the books.

  • Is my investment safe?
    We think it is, and since Create-A-Book was founded over 30 years ago (Feburary, 1980) we think we have proven that we can continue to bring you the finest personalized books and music on the market today.

  • Can I get help?
    Absolutely. We always get high marks on our customer support. Our resources include some of the top people in web design, illustrations, and software creations. As books and software get dated, we constantly update the systems and make improvements. Our software is delivered online, so you can always have access to the latest version. And, it’s absolutely free with your license!

  • How do I sell and market the books?
    Actually, people are looking for Create-A-Book personalized books in your community. We don’t sell the books, we just show them. Your website will be your online catalog that customers can browse. They will be able to sample personalized songs there, and will be able to read half of any of the colorful books you offer. Online shopping couldn’t be easier. You will have an option to add on one of our complete shopping sites. In addition, your customers will be able to download their very own personalized song and pay for it, right there at that moment. No waiting! Our manual covers many other ways to market the books, from on-location sales in malls, to the Give-A-Book in-school programs that can involved thousands of children and books.

  • Is the market crowded for this product?
    There are 4 million children born each year in the USA alone. If you multiply that times 8, the age that we market books to, you have a potential of 32 million books that could be sold. We’ve hit about 2 million of them over 30 years, so as you can see, there are millions left each year that have never seen one of our books. Most schools in the USA have not yet been approached for a school assembly program with Give-A-Book, and most businesses have not had the opportunity to do a personalized book as a premium. Let your friends and family know that you have your own business and website, and let them beat a path to your door!

  • Do I have to buy a minimum amount of inventory to qualify as a distributor?
    No. Once you have the license, there is no minimum purchase to remain a dealer. Our minimum book order for all orders is ten books per title at our low wholesale rate.

  • How much can I make as a Create-A-Book Distributor?
    We don’t limit you as to how much you can make. The wholesale cost of a book is $4.22 and you can retail them for about $16.95 each. That’s a fantastic profit for you. We don’t guarantee how many books you will sell because we don’t know how much time you will put into your business. But, we have dealers reordering books from us on a regular basis and as you must know, books and music (Amazon and iTunes) are two of the most popular items that people are buying online. And, you can offer both with your very own website designed by SaviSites for Create-A-Book dealers.

  • When Create-A-Book adds a new book is there a fee to get updated software?
    No. We never charge a software update fee.

  • Is Create-A-Book a good company to work with?
    Yes. It’s the name you can trust in Personalized Children’s Books and Music!