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Success Stories
Letters From Parents
quote Upon reading the first two pages of the book, Kellie’s mother burst into tears at the beauty, individuality and personal nature that your book represents. In the eyes of everyone in attendance, I immediately became the person who put the most thought into their choice of gifts. You (my sweet lady) are “The Bomb!!!” Everyone (and I mean everyone) wanted to know where I got that book… quote
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quote Hi. My name is Rachel T. I am nine years old and in the third grade. The book you wrote was given to me by my godmother. It is called God’s Special Gifts to Me. I like the drawings and…
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quote I do want to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed I was with the book. I was shocked to see how many times you were able to put his name in the text. The book and the printing is all first rate, and… quote
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quote I am always happy to receive one of your books. All of these stories are well written and a joy to share with others. I especially liked… quote

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quote I bought a Create-a-book for my children years ago. I have always loved reading them to my children and they have loved listening to them. Being stored on the book shelves with all the other books – they look almost BRAND NEW. I thought… quote
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