Personalized Childrens Music

Welcome to the world of Create-A-Book® Personalized Music!

Share a world of song with a child. Harmonious melodies, beautiful lyrics, and a heartfelt message – all digitally recorded and mastered for perfection. Music is and has always been a powerful medium to transmit meaning and emotion, regardless of age. Create-A-Book® is pleased to add this unique offering to its line of proven products.

Eyes light up as they hear their own names as part of the song! These joyful musical songs will have them singing along while learning the positive message each song has to offer. They’ll be reciting the words or humming the tunes long after the song is over.

The Create-A-Book advantages:

  • Fully personalized – features the child as the star of every song.
  • Digitally recorded in a professional studio, mastered for sound quality and precision.
  • Over 2000 names in our library, each song recorded individually for every name – no use of sound clip embedding or insertion.
  • All names and songs expertly recorded on the same equipment at the same studio, preserving and hi-fidelity sound consistency and quality.
  • Conveniently provided in a Micro SD card.
  • Songs can be orders in a set of 8 tracks, containing 7 songs and one story, all personalized.  SD card is ready to be put into your laptop or mp3 player.
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