Singing Plush Animals?
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Plush Animals from Create-A-Book

Create-A-Book is currently working on a new twist to the Singing Plush Animal that will be like no other. We’re looking at several suppliers, all with quality as good or better than the current Plush Animals on the market.

Many dealers currently offering plush animals have complained their current suppliers were either too expensive or non-dependable.

We’re trying to find out if we could help temporarily by stocking the Plush Animals to give you a lower price and dependable supply.

Please email and let us know…

1. Which of the animals you would order
2. Quantity you expect to order for each, from now till January
3. The current price you pay for the same animal (at what quantity)

  • Teddy Bear
  • Bunny
  • Cow
  • Puppy
  • Lion
  • Giraffe
  • Lamb
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Frog

* NOTE: This would not include music modules. This applies to dealers currently offering music, that had modules, and needed the plush animals and the stuffing.


4 Responses to “Singing Plush Animals?”

  1. Well,

    I have a good supplier for the animals so unless your price is better than 4.58 each, I will continue to purchase my own, but may use you in a pinch, since I must buy 6 at a time with $100 min order.

    These are the best sellers puppy, monkey, lamb, bunny, tiger. BEST SELLER Giraffe. he goes great with Little One Little One book.

    I willeasy sell 50-75 animals between now and christmas

    Hope this helps

  2. kay harris says:

    I am excited that we may get the plush, I dont currently sell plush so I have no idea what the costs are. I have the software ect for the music cds though. I am in hopes that with the singing plush on my table,more people will stop to look.

  3. Deborah says:

    Yes, Dave, I agree with Kay. I have the music software but was unaware of the plush animals. More product line is great and will draw people to our website and trade table!

    • Cheryl says:

      I currently do the singing plush and have the software, my supplier makes me crazy sending me wrong supplies all the time and crazy prices.. I can get the plush, does ANYONE know where to get the modules… PLEASE HELP…. I have contacted a few suppliers in China, but dont know if they are understanding what Im looking for…
      Thanks :) Cheryl