The power of Testimonials
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Do you currently include testimonials in your marketing? On your website, in your newsletters and emails, or printed material? This simple third party validation gives potential customers the chance to first see others are buying, and second that they are enjoying your advertised product/service.

Not all testimonials are created equal, so it’s important to follow the 3 traits of strong testimonials to make sure your testimonials don’t hurt you.

There are many techniques to collecting testimonials. We found a great article on How To Collect Testimonials that covers using your Inbox, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google Alerts, and how to ask for them.

If you’re still hungry for more tips on testimonials, we found another great article with more information on the types of testimonials you should seek, and how to gather them.

The catalysts for this post are the changes we’ll be doing at Create-A-Book. We’re taking our own advice to enhance our website and marketing material with our testimonials. We currently have them hidden in our “success stories” but we’re sorting out the best using the techniques from these articles. We’re going to highlight these selected testimonials on every page of the website, including adding one to the forms visitors fill out to request more information.

We’d like to hear your ideas. How can you use testimonials to enhance your products? What types of testimonials should you go after?

Post your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.


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